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The Making of a Steinway

Robert M. Sides is proud to be a Steinway piano dealer and we take pride in each and every Steinway piano that we sell. From our sales staff to our piano technicians, each piano on our sales floor (and in our shop) is handled with the utmost care. Our piano technicians are some of the best in the country, fully certified by Steinway, and treat each and every piano as if it is their own. At Robert M. Sides, we understand how crucial the piano is to the music industry. The piano is one of the oldest instruments, and can be seen in all kinds of ensembles. Steinway pianos, in particular, are among the best in the world. The making of pianos in general is fascinating. The making of a Steinway piano, in particular, is even more so! Did you know that it takes a year to make just one Steinway piano? When it comes to making a superior product, nobody does it better than Steinway!
The following link will take you to a video of a tour of the Steinway factory in New York. It is narrated by John Steinway and will give you a thorough understanding of everything that goes into making these incredible pianos! Enjoy!
Posted on 06/08/2016