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Keys of Inspiration: Lang Lang's Vision

3055648 inline i 1 lang lang opens new labLang Lang, one of the world's most well-known and talented classical pianists, is taking being a classical musician to a totally different level. He has managed to sell out symphony halls all over the world, while making appearances on the Grammy stage two years in a row. At only 33 years old, his care-free and approachable attitude, not to mention his incredible amount of talent, is helping him to launch into his foundation, Keys of Inspiration, and prove to kids everywhere that classical music can be cool.
Lang Lang became fascinated with the piano while watching the Cat Concerto episode of Tom and Jerry. While preparing to for an audition to get into the Beijing Conservatory of Music, a teacher told him he was not talented enough to get in. Completely ashamed of Lang Lang, his father told him he should commit suicide. Clearly, Lang Lang managed to push through and turn being told something that terrible into something incredible, becoming one of the best pianists in the world.
Keys of Inspiration was started in 2008. "I'd like to influence and encourage the young generation to be more confident in classical music rather than thinking this is an old style," Lang says. "I'm trying to prove that music education matters to everybody, to every kid in the world." So far, six schools have received piano labs and full-time piano teachers to bring music into schools and students' lives that may otherwise never get the chance to get this kind of education.
Many think that he is too young, and maybe has too much on his plate to devote time to the foundation. After all, he is constantly doing recording sessions, concerts, etc. However, the fact that he is as young as he is allows him to relate to the younger generation in a way that older musicians would have a hard time doing. He walks into a room with his big smile and his gold-striped adidas and kids immediately feel that they can relate to3055648 slide s 8 lang lang opens new lab him and connect with him.
Lang Lang may just be the person to bring classical music to the younger generations in a way that nobody else can, as well as providing more kids everywhere with a solid beginning to their music education.
Well done, Lang Lang, well done!

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