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  • Stein 37718 Slider4
    1877 Steinway II 7'4"
    Acoustic Piano: 1877 Steinway II 7'4" Serial Number: #37718 Category: Traditional Style
  • MH slide
    1926 Mason & Hamlin 5'8"
    Acoustic Piano: 1926 Mason & Hamlin 5'8" Serial Number: #24722 Category: Traditional Style


The repair and restoration of pianos is typically broken down into three main areas.

1- Cabinet and Hardware- How it looks
2- The "Belly"- How it sounds (tone)
3- The Action- How it feels (touch)

Depending on the age, maintenance record and current condition of your piano, any or all of these areas may require attention once preventative maintenance is no longer enough to meet your requirements. Learn More